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Carpet cleaning research indicates that steam cleaning provides one of the most desirable carpet cleaning results. This is known as water extraction method, where the industrial carpet cleaning machine sprays a specially formulated carpet cleaning chemical deep into the fibres of the carpet removing dirt, grime and pollutants from the fibres of  the carpet or difficult to reach places. Our cleaning machines are equipped with two powerful tandem vacuum motors which extract the water leaving the carpets slightly damp. Ensuring thoroughly cleaned and hygienic carpets that will stay cleaner longer and will have a long lasting fresh appearance.

Will The Carpet have an odour?

We do not spray the carpet with a deodorizer as this method will only hide an odour.  Our technicianís use a bacteria based product that gets into the carpet fibres and eats away at any odour the carpet might have. This particular product is harmless and is 100 percent safe for pets and loved ones.

Stain Removal

Our cleaning technicians will pre-treat any stains or odour problem areas to ensure the best possible results.

Please Note: Not all stains are removable; the older the stain the more difficult it is to remove. With the water extraction method the drying time varies depending on the location of the carpets and the weather

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